How to earn more than 12% per annum through investment?

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Funding Societies

How to earn more than 12% per annum through investment?

What methods or ways can you think off when comes to investment? Put money in fixed deposit (FD)? Invest in residential or commercial property? Buy shares or stocks? Or invest in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) financing?

What is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) financing?

This concept is not new but the idea is brilliant. It is just like a crowdfunding. People with excess fund will serve as supplier to supply funds to those who need it. The pool of funds will then be used to finance the Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for starting up their business or to build their working capital. In order words, we are matching the demand with supply, which is a win-win situation.

Is P2P financing legal in Malaysia?

Yes, P2P financing is regulated in Malaysia under Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) from 2 May 2016.

How do I start invest in P2P in Malaysia?

You cannot go to a bank open an account to invest in P2P. P2P financing is a fintech innovation and has nothing to do with a bank. Instead, you can open an online account with any P2P financing platform. As of today, there are 6 of P2P financing platforms that are under SC regulation.

Which P2P financing platform is the best in Malaysia?

Each P2P financing platform has their pros and cons. Among them, Funding Societies was the first P2P financing platform in South-East-Asia (headquartered in Singapore) to engage a third-party escrow to handle the monies and to verify the investors and issuers. Hence, this simply means your investment is safer and more secured. If you were a play-safe person, you might consider to start invest using Funding Societies.


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How much is the initial deposit or minimum investment amount?

In Funding Societies, the initial deposit to open an account is RM 1,000. The minimum amount per investment is RM 100. If you have more questions, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What is good about Funding Societies?
  1. Organised and user-friendly user interface.
  2. Investment portfolio can be tracked closely in web-based account and mobile-phone app.
Portfolio - Funding Societies
Portfolio – Funding Societies
  • Easily monitor your investment portfolio performance through income summary by breaking down your incomes and expenses for each investment.
  • Income Summary - Funding Societies
    Income Summary – Funding Societies
    Funds Overview - Funding Societies
    Funds Overview – Funding Societies
  • Choose investment on your own. You can choose which SME financing to invest in based on the Factsheet provided. Each SME’s background, rating and financial statement are accessible and transparent to you.

  • Factsheet - Funding Societies
    Factsheet – Funding Societies

  • High return. You can easily earn up to 12% per annum.
  • Dashboard - Funding Societies
    Dashboard – Funding Societies
  • Autobot Investment to help you to invest automatically. You can preset your Autobot Investment criteria, for examples:  loan types, industry, annual interest offered, financing tenor and investment amount. Of course, you can stop the Autobot Investment anytime or choose to opt out from the investment before the crowdfunding period ends.
  • Autobot - Funding Societies
    Autobot – Funding Societies
    What are the drawbacks of Funding Societies?
    1. There is service charges for each investment.
    2. Interest earned is taxable.
    3. Higher risk than normal FD investment. However, up-to-date, there is only about 1.21% of default rate.
    Default Rate - Funding Societies
    Default Rate – Funding Societies
  • Not easy to invest using manual placement method due to high volume of investors with few investment opportunities. Suggest to use Autobot Investment method to place an investment.
  • Register now to earn RM 30 for you and your friend!

    Funding Societies is now giving out RM 30 for each of the successful referral. Don’t take too long time to consider as this referral program might end anytime soon. You must register using the referral link (and of course I will get this RM 30 too ^^) in order to earn this instant referral bonus.

    Register - Funding Societies

    After you open an account, you must also deposit the initial amount of RM 1,000 and invest in at least one investment. It might take few weeks for the system to validate and to credit the referral bonus to your account. You can check your referral bonus under your DashboardIncome Summary.

    Referral Bonus - Funding Societies
    Referral Bonus – Funding Societies

    You can earn higher return than FD through investing in P2P financing. However, there is always risk associated with the return. The easiest method to lower down your risk is to diversify your portfolio. Try to invest in minimum amount in each investment and invest in different sectors. Do not put all your money in single investment. Good luck all!

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